Personalized Saddle Pads and Ear Net.

If you purchase a customized saddle pads, you will receive a 25% discount on the purchase of a ear net.


      Personalized horse hoods and saddle pads

      Create and customize your own dressage or jumping saddle pad and horse ear bonnet. Ahlam Equestrian products are high quality and designed to ensure maximum comfort and performance while riding. We offer a wide variety of options for customizing your saddle pads and headsets. Customize your saddle pad with your favorite colors or your team colors and match the horse ear nets for a complete look. Purchase matched saddle pad and ear muffs.

      Personalized saddle pad dressage and jumping

      We love horseback riding and we want to provide the opportunity to those who have the same passion as us to create customized saddle pads for training or competitions. Our customizable dressage and jumping saddle pads are made from premium quality materials, which ensure uniform pressure distribution and effective protection against friction. Choose the color of your dressage or jumping saddle pad, whether to include your name, flag and number of lanyards. Create a special combination that reflects your identity and your style, making your dressage saddle pad or jumping saddle pad unique. Whether you are a professional rider or an equestrian enthusiast, our customizable saddle pads are perfect for enhancing the riding experience, while ensuring the well-being and comfort of your equine partner thanks to our horse equipment. Discover our customized riding saddle pads.

      Customizable horse ear net

      Our customizable horse ear nets are perfect for protecting your horse's ears from annoying insects or external noise during training sessions or competitions. The Ahlam Equestrian horse horse ear net are made with breathable and resistant materials, designed for a secure and comfortable fit. Choose the color of the horse ear muffs, your initial and buy the personalized horse headset. Choose your customized saddle pad and horse ear net set now.