On Ahlam Equestrian's shop, you can find riding tops and leggings made from technical fabric, ensuring optimal performance during your training and competitions. You can also discover our horse-themed keychains, an accessory to showcase your passion for the sport. Explore all Ahlam Equestrian products in our online shop.

Certainly, you can do from here. Select either the dressage or jumping saddle pad based on your needs, choose colors, customize the cords, add your name or flag, and then add your personalized saddle pad to the cart. Proceed to checkout to complete your purchase.

To purchase your personalized saddle pad, simply visit the dressage or jumping saddle pad pages, customize the product according to your preferences and needs, then add your personalized saddle pad to the cart and proceed to checkout. Don't forget that when you purchase a personalized saddle pad, you'll receive a 25% discount on the purchase of a horse bonnet.

Ahlam equestrian apparel is designed to meet the demands of even the most discerning riders. Our riding tops, equestrian shirts, and cavalier leggings are made from high-quality technical fabric. This fabric is breathable, stretchy, antibacterial, UV-resistant, and quick-drying.

In the Ahlam shop, you'll find two types of saddle pads: dressage saddle pads and jumping saddle pads. Both saddle pads are customizable. You can choose the color, customize the cords, and add your name or flag. If you prefer a standard saddle pad, you can select basic colors without personalizations like names and flags. Our saddle pads are customizable to provide you with a unique and exclusive product that meets your needs and ensures top performance in your training and equestrian competitions.

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